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Error handling

Andrzej Krzemieński: Seeing the bigger picture part I, code::dive, 2014.

Andrzej Krzemieński: Seeing the bigger picture part II, code::dive, 2014.

Arno Schödl: A Practical Approach to Error Handling, SwedenCpp, 2017.


Code architecture

Production code


Bryce Adelstein-Lelbach: Benchmarking C++ Code, CppCon, 2015.

Chandler Carruth: Tuning C++: Benchmarks, and CPUs, and Compilers! Oh My!, CppCon, 2015.

Bjarne Stroustrup: Why you should avoid Linked Lists, GoingNative, 2012.


Memory model


Daniel Pfeifer: Effective CMake, C++Now, 2017.

Mathieu Ropert: Modern CMake for modular design, Meeting C++, 2017.


Barbara Geller, Ansel Semersheim: Unicode Strings: Why the Implementation Matters, C++Now, 2017.


Template metaprogramming

Ivan Čukić: A new look at TMP, Meeting C++, 2018.

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