mpllibs - C++ template metaprogramming library

  C++ template metaprogramming libraries for embedding languages into C++ and for unit testing template metaprograms.

PocketNotes - software for taking notes

An embedded software to take handwritten notes on PDAs. Details can be found on the software's website and the program can be downloaded.

Móricz 3D - 3D computer game

3D adventure game taking place in my secondary school. You can choose any of my classmates from a photo and you can discover the building, talk to our teachers or the other students in the school.

I was 2nd on the 19th National computer program product competition with this game.

Solarium controlling software

Software that can be used in the every day life of solarium studios: solarium machines can be controlled, lifetime of the machines, income of the studio can be stored, etc.

Solariumcenter - website collecting information about solarium studios

A website where you could get information about solarium studios in Hungary. Interesting texts, news could also be found here. Unfortunately the site is no longer available.

Book of lists CD application

Java application to display, browse and search the content of the CD. Supports English and Hungarian languages.

Community website for my friends

Community website for my friends with forum, internal mail, birthday and nameday reminders, etc.

Fight for the Galaxy - real-time strategy game

Real-time strategy game in which you can fight against aliens (controlled by the computer) in space.

I won the 17th National computer program product competition with this game.

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